Petroleum Systems and Subsurface Characterisation (GEOS4412)



This unit provides an introduction to the petroleum system concept and how, why and where energy resources accumulate and what datasets and techniques are used to understand their origin and distribution in sedimentary basins. The unit focuses on various methods and data used in geological characterisation of the subsurface to decipher Earth history as recorded in sedimentary basins as well as applied to basin-hosted resources associated with the supply or storage of energy. Emphasis is placed on practical skill development and these skills are also usefully applied to hydrogeological systems and ore mineral systems. Presentations by industry professionals also highlight the relevancy of geoscience knowledge and skills in the global energy transition.

Unit coordinator: Prof. Annette George

Elements covered by Victorien Paumard:
• Introduction to petroleum systems and future energy
• Sequence stratigraphy
• Seismic stratigraphy (2D)
Course period22/04/19 → …
Course levelPostgraduate coursework
Course formatUnit