LAWS5114 - International Environmental Law



This unit provides a comprehensive introduction to international environmental law—the legal frameworks, substantive and procedural laws and actors/institutions. The unit is divided into three parts: (1) an overview of international law from an environmental perspective (25 per cent); (2) an exploration of specific environmental law regimes (50 per cent); and (3) an analysis of cross-cutting and emerging issues (25 per cent). The first section introduces the international law-making process, institutions and actors, the principles of international environmental law, compliance, enforcement and liability issues, and dispute resolution. Particular environmental law regimes explored include air and atmosphere (trans-boundary air pollution, ozone depletion and climate change); biodiversity, wildlife and biogenetic resources; habitat protection; freshwater; law of the sea, fisheries and marine environmental law; chemicals, pollution and waste management. Cross-cutting issues include sustainable development; trade and environment; human and collective indigenous rights in relation to the environment; culture and heritage; and globalisation
Course period21/01/1925/01/19