HIST2202 Civilisation and Barbarism in European Culture



This Level 2 unit in the history of ideas explores the development of 'civilisation' and 'barbarism' in European culture and thought since the Renaissance. Topics focus on critical and self-reflexive accounts of European civilisation, including the Renaissance discovery of otherness; the Enlightenment ideal of the 'noble savage'; post-Enlightenment critiques of civilisation; twentieth-century narratives of 'civilised violence' and civilisational decay; and contemporary reflections on the state of 'Europe' as a civilisational project. Students are introduced to theories of the dialectic of civilisation and barbarism and the civilising process. Literary and theoretical texts drawn from the European tradition are studied in sociohistorical context in order to arrive at a critical understanding of the development of European civilisational values.
Course period26/02/18 → …