The studio aims to provide Year One Architecture and Landscape Architecture students with opportunities to consistently explore conceptual and compositional abilities with a creative design purpose. The studio will engage students into an introductory level of architecture and landscape's cultural and ecological systems. The unit is designed to work at site-specific projects, considering a range of scales and ways of representation where students will have opportunities to develop foundational skills to communicate conceptual designs in response to established and designed relationships.

STUDIO GROUNDINGS will explore and focus on the POWER OF NATURE as a guiding theme, and on transforming and redesigning historical/natural landscapes.

The projects will always locate ourselves at the ‘edge’ of conditions, contexts and relationships so we constantly think, imagine and design as we move with the ephemeral nature of simple acts. For this, we will need to deconstruct and understand the most basic principles, human intentions and experiences in time and space: the act of opening a window, of viewing and hiding, of moving through rough and soft terrain, of contemplating a beautiful garden, of stopping by a cliff edge or by immersing ourselves in underground and watery contexts. The weekly exercises will propel us to relate continuously and holistically, at very basic and simple tasks and conditions. The idea is to design, restore, integrate, enhance, reconnect environments with people at its core. The inherent POWER OF NATURE is meant to create no divisions, no fear, to offer protection, and yet it is essentially ephemeral, like all systems in this planet.
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Course levelUndergraduate