GEOS5503 Advanced Petroleum Geoscience



Successful exploration and production of conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources requires understanding of the geological and geophysical attributes of the various elements of a petroleum system. This unit follows GEOS4412 Petroleum Systems and aims to develop more specialised skills relevant to basin exploration and reservoir characterisation through the integration of advanced geological and geophysical methods. Emphasis is placed on the development of practical skills and the ability to work in team. The unit is valuable to students actively seeking employment in the energy sector aȅer graduation, as well as for students wanting to do a PhD degree in Geoscience.

Unit coordinator: Prof. Simon Lang

Elements covered by Victorien Paumard:
• Seismic Stratigraphy
• Seismic Geomorphology
• Seismic interpretation and petroleum evaluation project
Course period10/06/19 → …
Course levelPostgraduate coursework
Course formatUnit