GEOG3308 Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation



Climate change is a unique environmental issue in that its impacts are manifest on a global scale which necessitates a globally integrated policy response. This unit explores how the twin track approach of mitigation and adaptation has evolved and highlights the difficulties of reaching an effective international approach to tackling climate change.

Students will evaluate a suite of mechanisms designed to encourage or force reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (the mitigation angle) and attempts to reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change (the adaptation approach). Examples are taken from around the world and at local, regional and national scales to enable comparisons and identify factors which inhibit and facilitate policy effectiveness. The linkages between climate policy and other key areas such as economic policy, development policy, urban planning and other environmental issues will be highlighted throughout this unit.
Through taking this unit, students will be able to develop a high degree of critical awareness with regards to climate change policy and be better positioned to advocate for effective action on climate change.
Course period28/02/2219/06/22
Course levelUndergraduate
Course formatUnit