Data Analysis with R for Compositional Data



Compositional data are any measurements such as concentrations, proportions, or abundances which are proportions of some whole. Students will learn to identify, curate, analyse, and present compositional data, which are usually multivariate, using a range of packages available in the R/RStudio environment.
Certified Learning: (1) demonstrate an understanding of the unique properties of multivariate compositional data such as chemical analyses, species abundances, etc.; (2) develop an overview of multivariate ordination methods and how to implement these in the R/RStudio environment; (3) use and interpret multivariate and associated methods in R/RStudio to analyse a compositional dataset; and (4) use and interpret graphical presentation in R/RStudio to understand multivariate output
Course period18/07/22 → …
Course levelPostgraduate coursework
Course formatUnit