Bio-Based Materials (BBM) in Global Settings ARCT5885



Contemporary Architecture is significantly reducing whole building life cycle energy demand through improvements within buildings and structures. This unit studies bio-based materials (BBM) (those derived from agricultural and forestry feedstock) that have been used in the construction of our buildings throughout history, from an environmental and socio-economic perspective. The use of bio-based materials, such as strawbale, bamboo, timber or hemp in construction offers a renewable resource that has the potential of negative embodied carbon as energy efficiency increases with stricter codes and regulations. The application and extended possibilities for bio-inspired design experimentation in these contexts are explored in this unit as the needs are significant. The industrialization potential of BBM is investigated. Standardization and certification procedures, rationale and future scenarios are discussed. Site visits, practical workshops are set for students to engage with BBM production and construction requirements within the context of an international and Australian design industry scenario.
Course period29/07/19 → …
Course levelPostgraduate coursework
Course formatUnit