Advanced Energy Geoscience for a Low Carbon Future (GEOS5503)



Successful exploration and production of oil and gas fields, carbon capture and storage, and other energy resources including hydrogen storage, requires an advanced level of knowledge of the geological environments and geophysical attributes of geological materials and technology available to monitor and model reservoirs and other elements of carbon-based petroleum systems. This unit aims to develop more specialised skills relevant to petroleum exploration and production, and carbon capture and storage. The unit focuses on advanced geological and geophysical concepts and techniques relevant to the exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons, and the injection of carbon dioxide and subsurface storage of gases including processed gases and hydrogen and helium. Students will use state-of-the art technology and world class research facilities including computer software and a variety of geological, petrophysical and geophysical datasets provided by the industry. The unit incorporates authentic core-based activity at the DMIRS Core Library in Perth and contributions from industry scientists. The unit is valuable for students actively seeking employment in the evolving energy sector after graduation.

Unit coordinator: Prof. Simon Lang

Elements covered by Victorien Paumard:
• Seismic stratigraphy (2D and 3D)
• Seismic geomorphology (3D)
• Seismic interpretation project (3D)
Course period10/06/19 → …
Course levelPostgraduate coursework
Course formatUnit