Advanced Design of Offshore Systems



This unit focuses on the design of offshore structures and moored vessels.

The first part of the unit explores the estimation of the loads and responses of offshore structures due to waves, winds and currents. To form these estimates a range of models, including classical linear potential flow models and non-linear models are introduced.

The second part of the unit presents an introduction to response-based analysis, which enables estimates of the load and/or responses of an offshore structure at a given design return period by taking into account the joint occurrence of wave, wind and currents.

Case studies are presented for a range of offshore applications, such as oil & gas platforms, wind turbines, wave energy converters, floating solar, hydrogen and aquaculture.

The unit also provides examples of numerical modelling, experimental data and field data, describing how each may be used to inform offshore engineering design.
Course period22/07/24 → …
Course levelPostgraduate research
Course formatCourse