WA academics develop Noongar 'Wikipedia' to help preserve language

  • Len Collard
  • Kim Scott
  • Ingrid Cumming
  • Jennie Buchanan
  • John Hartley

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Period13 Feb 2014

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleWA academics develop Noongar 'Wikipedia' to help preserve language
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    Media name/outletABC
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    DescriptionWest Australian academics are hoping a new online project will help keep the Noongar language alive.

    Noongar is considered an endangered language, with fewer than 240 first-language speakers out of more than 30,000 Noongar people in WA.

    In an effort to preserve it, professors at the University of Western Australia and Curtin University are developing a Wikipedia-like page written entirely in Noongar.
    Producer/AuthorKatrin Long
    PersonsLen Collard, Kim Scott, Ingrid Cumming, Jennie Buchanan, John Hartley