The psychology of cheating, detection and investigation of academic misconduct

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In this video, Dr Guy Curtis draws on his 15+ years of academic integrity research experience to explore the psychology behind academic cheating and strategies for detection and investigation of cheating in higher education.  

Guy addresses what factors might predispose students to engage in cheating behaviours alongside environmental conditions that increase student susceptibility to cheating, and shares prevailing trends from recent and ongoing research in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and remote learning. 

Asserting that good assessment design to improve learning overlaps with assessment design to combat cheating, Guy looks at ways for institutions to mitigate the risk of academic misconduct.

But beyond the educative piece to deter academic cheating, what techniques can educators adopt for detection and investigation when it does occur? 

Watch the video to hear Guy’s actionable advice.

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Period3 Nov 2021

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Media contributions