The Cool Earth Project

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The Cool Earth Project explores alternative options for heating and cooling our homes in Perth's unique environment. 

Two homes have been built side-by-side within The Vive at Craigie - a prime residential estate in Perth's northern suburbs.  One home contains a geoexchange heating and cooling system, while the other has a standard reverse-cycle air conditioner. 

Over a two year period, the temperature and energy usage of the two homes have been compared to measure the effectiveness of the geoexchange system against conventional technology. 

It's one of DevelopmentWA Innovation through Demonstration projects, and has the potential to revolutionise the way we heat and cool our homes in the future.

Initiatives like this rely on collaboration with a number of people in order to bring all the elements together.  DevelopmentWA is proud to be working on this project with ABN Group, GeoExchange Australia, Carbonomics and The University of Western Australia.

Period24 Jan 2022

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Media contributions