Root trait genetic variations and associated genes of near-isogenic lines in bread wheat

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Period1 Jul 2021

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Media contributions

  • TitleRoot trait genetic variations and associated genes of near-isogenic lines in bread wheat
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    Media name/outletThe UWA Institute of Agriculture Annual Research Report 2020
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    DescriptionWheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is one of the most important global cereal crops. Identification of genetic variation and genes associated with the specific root traits in wheat provides a promising way to improve root system for better adaptation and grain yield. Ten pairs of near-isogenic lines (NILs) of wheat previously developed targeting four different quantitative trait locus (QTL) on chromosomes 4BL (QPhs.ocs-4B.1), 4BS (qDSI.4B.1), 4AS (qDT.4A.1) and 7AL (QHtscc.ksu-7A) of bread wheat were used in this project. Root morphological traits of these NILs at the tillering stage were characterised in a semi-hydroponic phenotying system and genetic variations and associated candidate genes for ten root traits were identified. NIL targeting qDSI.4B.1 QTL showed most variations between their isolines followed by NIL targeting qDT.4A.1 for the root traits. In pairs 5-7 with qDT.4A.1 QTL, pair 6 showed significant differences for six root traits. To identify candidate genes controlling the root traits of the NIL pairs, the wheat 90K Illumina iSelect array was used. Using 108 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers, 321 genes were identified. However, only 25 genes were selected based on the role of the protein encoded by the genes for root growth, development and controlling root traits in other crops including wheat reported in earlier studies. Among all the genes, a novel gene; TraesCS4B01G114500 that encodes Phox-associated domain, sorting nexin isoform 3 was identified in NIL pair with qDSI.4B.1. Another three outstanding root trait controlling genes were identified in qDT.4A.1: UDP-glycosyltransferase (UGT) encoding genes TraesCS4A02G185300 and TraesCS4A02G442700, and leucine-rich repeat receptor like protein kinases (LRR-RLK) encoding gene TraesCS4A02G330900. The proteins encoded by these genes are reported as potential proteins for root trait control in other crops. No gene encoding the proteins have been reported in wheat to date. The root-related genes identified in the study will be useful in breeding programs, following functional validation of the genes.
    Producer/AuthorTanushree Halder, Yinglong Chen
    PersonsYinglong Chen