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John Kinsella's review of Vociferate in Westerly 66.2, 2021.

Period18 Nov 2021

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Media coverage

  • TitlePoints of View - Review of Vociferate
    Media name/outletWesterly
    DescriptionTitles provide the focus for reading a book, and with Emily Sun’s first
    full-length collection of poetry, Vociferate|詠, this is emphatically the
    case. Sun’s book examines and excoriates demeaning social structures,
    and the hypocrisy surrounding denial of gender oppression, and denials
    of cultural insensitivity and systemic racism. It refers to the Confucian
    notion of the ‘ideal woman’ as occupying an inferior position to men—
    the three obediences and four virtues, and the irony of not only such a
    tradition but all the Western equivalences that persist while purporting
    not to do the same. The position of the viewer and subject experiencing
    this abuse and offence is vital to understanding the verbal and intellectual
    range of these poems. As geographies of encountering injustice shift, the
    same patterns are exposed: and who will experience the full force of this
    systemic and social opprobrium, and to what degree.
    PersonsEmily Sun


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