Mycorrhizal expert visits UWA

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Plants and fungi engage in mutually beneficial relationships. The importance of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi in alleviating crop’s environmental stresses is widely recognised. It is known as one of the most widespread plant-fungi symbiosis. Wheat is one of Australia’s most important crops and is a common host for AM fungi.

In several regions of Australia, wheat yield reductions are caused as a direct result of frost injury. To explore the role of AM fungi in wheat growth and its mechanisms under frost conditions, UWA has welcomed visiting expert, Dr Zhaoyong Shi from Henan University of Science & Technology, China.

Dr Shi obtained his PhD from China Agricultural University in 2006, and has devoted his research career to studying the diversity and function of AM fungi.

Whilst at UWA, Dr Shi will be working with Professor Zed Rengel and Dr Yinglong Chen to provide some new insights into improving wheat production in frosty conditions thanks to funding provided by the Chinese Scholar Council and GRDC.

Period1 Dec 2014

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Media contributions