Mapping the “political preferences” of Indonesia’s youth

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  • TitleMapping the “political preferences” of Indonesia’s youth
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    DescriptionIn the 2014 elections, eligible young voters in Indonesia comprised almost 30% of national voters. The numbers mean voters aged 17 to 25 will be a decisive factor in next year’s elections.

    However, sources revealing young voters’ political preferences are scarce. A 2014 report suggests young Indonesians are politically apathetic and less nationalistic than other demographics, with more than 53% of those who participated in the 2014 pre-election survey not participating in the final vote.

    Indonesian millennials have a different political experience compared to other age groups. This generation grew up in a more open, post-Reformasi landscape, with little memory of the Old and New Order regimes. They access the Internet to obtain information and actively seek change.
    PersonsElla Prihatini


  • young voters
  • electoral behaviour
  • electing women
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