Lions help finish health study

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Period29 May 2009

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Media contributions

  • TitleLions help finish health study
    Degree of recognitionLocal
    Media name/outletBusselton Dunsborough Times
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    DescriptionMUCH-needed funds donated by
    the Busselton Lions will help wrap
    up the current diabetes investigation
    and launch a new healthy
    ageing study next year.
    The service group has been a
    long-term supporter of the health
    study, donating $1500 from its latest
    fundraising pool. New president
    Geoff Littlefair said the group collected
    all its money from a year’s
    fundraising and then divided it between
    community groups, trying to
    put as much back into the community
    as possible.
    Research scientist Michael
    Hunter said the medical research
    was expensive and highly competitive
    in Australia with only a quarter
    of applications getting funding.
    Dr Hunter said the study, which
    had a permanent staff in Busselton
    and a board in Perth, relied on donations
    from the community.
    He said the Federal Government
    had identified healthy ageing as a
    national health priority which
    would be reflected in the next investigation
    completed by the Busselton
    Health Study. More than
    2500 Busselton residents between
    45 and 64 years of age would help
    collect data on a range of conditions
    of public health importance, including
    obesity, bone health, muscle
    strength and memory skills.
    ‘‘We hope to establish the study
    so it will run every three years,’’ Dr
    Hunter said.
    He encouraged members of that
    age group, considered as baby
    boomers, to be part of the study, but
    acknowledged it might be difficult
    as they were still of working age.
    The current diabetes study will
    finish at the end of the year with
    published results expected to start
    PersonsMichael Hunter