Health centre to benefit from new equipment

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Busselton Population Medical
Research Institute has received
$5000 from the City of
Busselton’s community bids
Busselton Health Study Centre
director Dr Michael Hunter
said the money would be used
to buy a large-capacity examination
“The tables we have are limited
in their range of what they
can carry,” he said. “This one
helps people with mobility
“It supports the person’s
whole extremity as many of
the tests are compromised due
to muscle tremor or movement.”
Dr Hunter said the institute
would take delivery of the
table next year, along with
new sit-stand workstations
for staff and volunteers.
Dr Hunter said a sedentary
lifestyle had been associated
with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular
disease, premature
morbidity and some cancers.
Staff and volunteers would
set a positive example by using
the new workstations to reduce
excessive sitting times.
“The latest research shows
that excessive sitting time is
detrimental to your health,”
he said.
“It doesn’t matter whether
you meet your recommended
physical exercise during the
week, the health outcomes are
quite adverse.
“This promotes the message
of healthy work practices
and getting out of your seat
to prevent sedentary behaviour

Period6 Feb 2015

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