Feral meat a step towards a more sustainable diet, researcher says

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    A Melbourne researcher says eating feral animals could be a step towards a more sustainable Australian diet.

    Dr Catie Gressier, a cultural anthropologist at the University of Melbourne, has studied the attitudes of Victorians and West Australians towards eating native and feral animals.

    She said with a growing global population it was "not realistic" to think humanity could continue to consume farmed livestock at the current rate.

    "We need to rethink our meat consumption," she toldĀ 774 ABC Melbourne's Hilary Harper.

    Dr Gressier said for many people feral meat was a more palatable option than other alternative proteins, such as insects or laboratory-grown flesh.

    She said animals such as goats, rabbits and carp were considered delicacies overseas but were pests in Australia.

    Period15 Jun 2016

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