Eureka for scientists in cancer ‘holy grail’

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Three University of WA scientists have won national recognition for their work to develop a new method to detect abnormalities inside leukaemia cells, described as the “holy grail” for
assessment of many cancers. Researchers Wendy Erber, Kathryn Fuller and Henry Hui were named on Wednesday night as winners of an Australian Museum Eureka Prize for innovative use of technology.

Period31 Aug 2018

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Media contributions

  • TitleEureka for scientists in cancer ‘holy grail’
    Media name/outletThe West Australian
    DescriptionThree University of WA scientists have won national recognition
    for their work to develop a new method to detect abnormalities
    inside leukaemia cells, described as the “holy grail” for assessment of many cancers. Researchers Wendy Erber, Kathryn Fuller and Henry Hui were named on Wednesday night as winners of an Australian Museum Eureka Prize for innovative use of technology.
    PersonsWendy Erber