Busselton Population Medical Research Institute reaches a milestone

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Period23 Mar 2021

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Media coverage

  • TitleBusselton Population Medical Research Institute reaches a milestone
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    DescriptionThe Busselton Population Medical Research Institute (BPMRI) recently tested it's 500th participant as part of the new Busselton Respiratory Study (BRS) which started in 2020.

    Despite a couple of interruptions due to COVID-19, the study is on track to recruit over 2000 adults.

    Over the next two years researchers will continue to invite residents to take part in the study which will investigate the factors that contribute to lung health problems such as breathlessness, cough, asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD).

    BPMRI Busselton Health Study Centre Director and adjunct UWA senior research fellow Dr Michael Hunter said there was growing recognition that these common lung problems have overlapping clinical features and symptoms.

    "This makes accurate diagnosis difficult and results in inappropriate treatment - too much, too little, too non-specific," he said.

    "The Busselton Respiratory Study will measure the frequency of potentially treatable factors or phenotypes, how much they overlap and how best to detect them in the general population".

    A random sample of adults listed on the electoral roll and living within the City of Busselton local government area are being invited to take part.

    Participating in the study is free and participants receive results from a range of clinical assessments including detailed lung volume and function measures, a skin allergy test, sleep apnoea screening and blood test results.

    The study is also unique in that it is likely the only detailed community-based respiratory study being conducted in a population free of COVID-19 exposure, therefore it will become an important future reference population for comparison with other regions of the world that have had high community transmission of coronavirus.

    BPMRI research assistant Rachel Migliore has urged anyone who has received an invitation to please get in contact with the centre to book an appointment.

    "Even if you do not have a lung or breathing problem we would like healthy people to take part too. This allows us to get an accurate picture of the health of the entire community," she said.

    To see if you are eligible to take part please call the BPMRI Busselton Health Study Centre on 9754 0548 or email busseltonhealthstudy@bpmri.org.au.

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