Bone Density Test Can Gauge Heart Attack Risk

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AI provides quick analysis of routine osteoporosis screening results, reports calcification score

Period25 Jul 2023

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Media coverage

  • TitleBone Density Test Can Gauge Heart Attack Risk
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    Description"A routine osteoporosis screening bone density test can also detect increased risk for a heart attack because of the presence of calcium in the aorta. But reading these images requires expertise and can be time-consuming.

    Now, research from a multi-institution collaboration, including Harvard Medical School and Hebrew SeniorLife, reports that this calcification test score can be calculated quickly by using machine learning, without the need for a person to grade the scans.
    This finding is published in the journal eBiomedicine."

    “During DXA scans obtained for bone-mineral density testing, vascular calcification of the aorta can be seen and quantified. This study developed a machine-learning algorithm to automatically determine the severity of the calcification that corresponds closely with the manual reading that is far more time-consuming to perform,” said co-first author Naeha Sharif
    PersonsNaeha Sharif