Australia's vaccine rollout hit a hurdle overnight. Here's what we know

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Period9 Apr 2022

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Media coverage

  • TitleAustralia's vaccine rollout hit a hurdle overnight. Here's what we know
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    DescriptionOn Thursday evening, Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave a snap press conference in which his Government announced a significant change to Australia's COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan.

    Based on advice from The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, it's now recommended that Australian's under the age of 50 receive the Pfizer vaccine.

    The change comes in the wake of a small number of global reports of blood clotting among recipients of the AstraZeneca vaccine — which is currently the only other COVID-19 jab approved for use in Australia.

    So what's the risk posed by the AstraZeneca vaccine, and how will the new recommendation affect Australia's vaccine rollout? Let's take a look.

    PersonsMatthew Linden