Trajective Art Criticism in the Era of Retreat from Democracy

Activity: Service and engagementPublic lecture, debate or seminar


'Trajective art criticism' is a term I have coined for an experimental form of criticism that channels the interpretative and emotional energy that travelling between countries brings to their respective art works and my examples will centre on how paintings of boats in different countries inform each other. This is intended as a cosmopolitan kind of art criticism that is opposed to the false nostalgia for 'home' familiar to us from the imagery of Brexit and popularist politics in a period of retreat from democracy. I point also, however, to some of the drawbacks of tourist
art criticism when the mobile wealthy express superiority towards the immobile poor of various regions of the world.
Period11 Nov 2019
Event title‘Trajective Art Criticism in the Era of Retreat from Democracy' , North West Iceland. 11 November
Event typeSeminar
LocationSkagaströnd, Iceland


  • Trajective
  • Criticism
  • Rowing Boats
  • Trains
  • Aeroplanes
  • Reflexivity
  • Painting
  • Popularism
  • Brexit
  • Asylum Seekers