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Coastal zones are at the forefront of climate impacts while also being the locus of human activity and development. While much research attention has been placed on the role and capacity of governance authorities in responding to climate challenges on the coast, coastal residents who are key actors in the adaptation process are less frequently addressed. Coastal residents, however, play an integral role in adaptation which shapes, and is shaped by, institutional, political, economic, social, and environmental conditions. This Special Issue focuses on the ways local coastal residents engage in climate change adaptation. We are interested in papers that address:
- The role of coastal residents in planning and implementing topical adaptation responses, such as managed retreat;
- The collaborative governance approaches residents engage in to drive or shape local, regional or national adaptation;
- The interrelations between hazard management, climate change adaptation, and sustainability-related household responses;

As well as papers that contribute new understanding toward:

- The nature of household adaptive capacity in coastal communities;
- The factors affecting household level adaptation decision-making;
- The processes that facilitate and inhibit adaptation by residents of coastal communities.

Coastal adaptation assessments often treat householders as a unit requiring management—focusing on the policy tools and approaches that can be applied ‘on’ communities to reduce their exposure to climate risks. Coastal residents are, however, autonomous agents capable of change, and this Special Issue particularly invites papers that explore the processes through which coastal residents manage their exposure to climate risks, for example, via direct personal action, collective action, collaborative governance models, and/or other mechanisms to leverage the resources (e.g., political, human, or financial) necessary for adaptation in coastal areas.

Dr. Carmen Elrick-Barr
Guest Editor
Period1 Nov 202130 Jun 2022
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