National Science Week PalaeoJam Podcast on Archaeology and Palaeontology

  • Ouzman, S. (Speaker)
  • Kate Trinajstic (Speaker)
  • Michael Mills (Advisor)

Activity: Service and engagementBlog/ Podcast


A palaeontologist and an archaeologist walk into a bar… The Afterlife Bar, that is, at the Western Australian Museum, Boola Bardip, thanks to National Science Week. So, then what happened? Listen in, to find out! We’re in Perth, Whadjuk Country, Western Australia, and we’re here to talk about dead things, how we find them, what we do with them when we’ve found them, and what those dead things might tell us about the past! We’re also here to demystify the differences between these two popular sciences, and explore the things the two sciences share.

In this special edition of Palaeo Jam, Palaeo Jam host Michael Mills, palaeontologist Professor Kate Trinajstic and archaeologist Dr Sven Ouzman discuss all of these things, and more!
Period18 Aug 2023
Held atHeaps Good Productions, Australia
Degree of RecognitionNational


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