Localised air conditioning: comfort with sustainable energy demand

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Emissions from rapidly expanding use of room air conditioning in emerging economies is likely to increase global temperatures by 0.5 °C by 2100. However global greenhouse emissions need to be eliminated by 2045 – 2055 to stabilize warming at 1.5 °C. To meet this requirement, an affordable, alternative, low-energy, low emission technology needs to be deployed on a mass scale within 25 years. Since new technologies typically take 30 – 40 years to deploy globally, it will be easier with technologies that are available now.
Experience demonstrates that small portable air conditioners (spot coolers) with appropriate air delivery technology can meet this need. They create a localized micro-climate for up to three people providing acceptable comfort using only 180 – 300 Watts. They work in any building with no requirement for installation, piping, draft sealing, insulation, or structural modifications. They also work outdoors in sheltered locations.
For sleeping in extremely hot conditions, a specially designed bed tent retains a layer of conditioned air above a bed and provides protection from biting insects. Air delivery is designed to create sufficient air movement past exposed parts of the head and neck of users to gain about two degrees of additional perceived cooling, enhancing comfort sensation.
Period11 Apr 2019
Event titleComfort at the Extremes (CATE): Rethinking Comfort
Event typeConference
Conference number1st
LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates