Federal Government's consultation on a new Critical Minerals Strategy

Activity: Industry and government engagement/consultancySubmissions to or appearance before a government committee, inquiry or agency


Federal Government's Critical Minerals Office hosted both government and industry roundtables over the coming months to consult on a new Critical Minerals Strategy, as announced by the Prime Minister and Minister King in October 2022.

The roundtable covered a number of key themes to develop Australia’s critical minerals sector and to enable Australia to become a clean energy superpower, while ensuring that the benefits of a growing critical minerals sector flow into regional and First Nations communities. These themes include:

• Creating economic opportunity (including in Australian regions) – this will focus on how we can leverage Australia’s resource abundance to create opportunities for higher-paying jobs and to grow communities, including First Nations Australians.
• Developing new sovereign capabilities and industries – seeking views on how to value add to our raw materials and develop critical minerals downstream processing capabilities. This will include how to drive new investment and leverage Australia’s R&D capabilities and IP. It will also focus on how we can capture this value by aligning with broader Government priorities, for example, by developing our domestic battery manufacturing capabilities.
• Building reliable, competitive and diverse supply chains – seeking feedback on how Australia can contribute to supply chain diversification, moving projects downstream and supplying a more diverse range of critical minerals commodities from Australia into key markets. A focus of this will also be on how Australia could leverage its international partnerships and collaborations to support Australia’s critical minerals and emissions reduction efforts.
• Supporting clean energy technologies – seeking views on the opportunities that critical minerals projects could harness to maximise their ability to support clean energy supply chains, which will help Australia become a clean energy superpower.
• Supporting sustainable critical minerals development - the Government is considering options to strengthen Australia’s critical minerals ESG credentials, including through increased focus on circular economy and recycling practices and welcomes views on this. We are seeking input on how the Government can identify and help create economic opportunities for First Nations Peoples and in line with objectives of Closing the Gap. We also welcome feedback on how the Government can encourage participation in a safer and more inclusive workplace.
Period1 Feb 2023
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