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Reviewed, edited and advised on the following essays for MAKE NO MISTAKE in ART AND DOCUMENTATION,

Sekcja 1 / Section 1

Edited by Małgorzata KAŹMIERCZAK

Małgorzata KAŹMIERCZAK, Contingency and Improvisation in Performance Art from the 1970s to the Present

Dora DERADO, Accidents, Artistic Intent and Error: A Study of (Un)intentionality in post-World War II Croatian Art

Krzysztof SIATKA, how it works, what it does. Notes on Selected Drawings by Wincenty Dunikowski-Duniko in the Context of the Machine Art Tradition

Ewa WÓJTOWICZ, The Point of Collapse, or How to Err is Non-human in Post-Digitality

Rafał SOLEWSKI, Discovered by Diversity: Error in Art as a Tool of Metaphysical Cognition. Case Studies
Period1 Mar 2020
Type of journalJournal
Degree of RecognitionInternational