APEC SME Business Forum Keynote Address: More with Less: Engineering Productivity and SMEs

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事半功倍: 中小企业如何提供工程师的工作效率
Chinese government and industry leaders have proposed a shift from "Made in China" to “Innovated in China"
The implication is that China desires to transform its industrial economy from enterprises focusing on low value-adding assembly and manufacturing to enterprises producing high value products – designs, high quality goods, and services.
这个纲领预示着中国渴望其不同行业的各个企业在工业经济中从低附加值的组装和低端制造业转向高附加值经济生产活动, 例如:提供原创设计,更高质量的产品和服务。

To achieve this transformation, government and industry leaders are encouraging small-medium business owners to focus more on innovation ability, quality and adopting new technology for their products.

It is worth drawing attention to an important demographic factor in China today. In contrast with other emerging economies, China’s working population will decrease by 19% relative to 2014, and every two workers will be supporting an elderly person, one of the highest levels in the world.
然而在这个过程中,中国需要面对一个重大的挑战: 人口红利的消失。不同于其它几个主要的新星经济体,以目前的趋势预测,到2065年前后,中国的劳动人口总数相比于2014年时会减少19%。届时,中国每两个劳动人口就需要养活一个老年人,这个比例几乎是全球国家中最高的之一。详见下页表格。
Period27 Nov 2018
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