20th Anniversary Limina Conference: Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies

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Buchbinder advises that when a writer approaches a screenplay story, research serves as a process of “warming-up” and research is about building a relationship (as with a lover). The amount and type of research varies depending on the type of project. Some
stories will require thorough factual research, as in The Piano or Gosford Park, while a contemporary subject that a writer knows in intimate detail might need a different approach that examines small, enriching details. In the case of a fantasy or fanciful story “background knowledge does not need to be factual”. In the case of Being John Malkovitch, Charlie Kaufman’s research would have involved research that helped him develop rules for the
fantastic device of the portal into another person’s brain. (Buchbinder 208-210). Syd Field also argues that “research is absolutely essential” (Field 36), and he describes two types of
research for writing the screenplay: text research and live research. Text research is looking in books, papers, and magazines for information on a period or person, and so forth. Live research is talking to people and doing interviews (Field 37). Researching in the social media marketplace can involve both text and live research. In the case of Theta’s Ghost, research in and on social media marketplace sites for ancestry information involved both text and live research. The presentation will examine the sites of research and why certain items of historical content were chosen and incorporated into this contemporary fictional words.
Period19 Jun 2015
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