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  1. 1995
  2. The UWA Gravitational Wave Detection Experiment

    Tobar, M. E., Blair, D., Ivanov, E., Van Kann, F., Linthorne, N. P., Turner, P. J. & Heng, I. S. 1995 In : Australian Journal of Physics. 48, 6, p. 1007-1025

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  3. The Use of Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit by Parent Companies to Promote Investments by Subsidiaries

    O'Donovan, J. 1995 Current Legal Issues in the Internationalisation of Business Enterprises. Heng, L. L. (ed.). Singapore: National University of Singapore, Vol. n/a, p. 344-369

    Research output: ResearchChapter

  4. The Use of the Child Psychiatrist as an Expert Witness in Children's Court Proceedings

    Mcdermott, B. 1995 N.S.W, College of Law "Children's Court Practice". Sydney: New South Wales College of Law, Vol. 29, p. 12-16

    Research output: ResearchConference paper

  5. The Variable Metabolic Response to Dietary Isoflavones in Humans

    Kelly, G. E., Joannou, G. E., Reeder, A., Nelson, C. & Waring, M. A. 1995 Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Cambridge, MA, USA: Blackwell, Vol. 208, p. 40-43

    Research output: ResearchConference paper

  6. The Virtues Appropriate to Business

    Ewin, R. E. 1995 In : Business Ethics Quarterly. 5, p. 67-75

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  7. The Voice of this Calling

    Brady, P. 1995 Love: From the Sacred to the Profane. Bedford, J. (ed.). Sydney: Angus & Robertson, p. 15-32

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewChapter (peer-reviewed)

  8. The Western Australian Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine

    Williams, B. 1995 The Politics of Rural Health: How Far Have We Come?. Canberra: National Rural Health Alliance, Vol. 1, p. 108-110

    Research output: ResearchConference paper

  9. The Western Australian Child Health Survey: A Pilot Study

    Garton, A. F., Zubrick, S. R. & Silburn, S. R. 1995 In : Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 29, p. 48-57

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  10. The Western Australian Sandalwood; a comparative study of extraction techniques

    Piggott, M. & Trengove, R. D. 1995 RACI Research and Development Topics Analytical Chemistry 95. Newcastle: RACI (National Analytical Branch)

    Research output: ResearchConference paper

  11. The Wife of Sejanus

    Bellemore, J. 1995 In : Zeitschrift f¿r Papyrologie und Epigraphik. 109, p. 255-66

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  12. The Winchester Bible

    Burrows, T. 1995 Parergon. Sydney

    Research output: ResearchOther chapter contribution

  13. The Woman Who Turned Into a Lizard

    Logan, C. 1995 1 ed. Nedlands: The Westerley Centre.

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewBook

  14. The Y intercept of the maximal work-duration relationship and field test of anaerobic capacity in cyclists.

    Dawson, B. & Green, S. 1995 Sports Medicine Australia National Conference. Hobart, Tasmania: Sports Medicine Australia, Vol. Conference Abstracts, p. 0-0

    Research output: ResearchConference paper

  15. The Yemeni Dispute

    Forbes, V. L. 1995 In : Indian Ocean Review. 8, 1, p. 14-15

    Research output: ResearchLiterature review

  16. The Young Offenders Act 1994: Serious Repeat Offenders

    Morgan, N. 1995 In : Business Focus. 2, p. 44-49

    Research output: ResearchArticle

  17. The advantages of laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM) over conventional styles profilometry for the assessment of surfaces

    Anamalay, R. V. & Kirk, B. 1995 1994 (CM)2 FORUM. Melbourne: Monash University Publishing, Vol. 1, p. 1-8

    Research output: ResearchConference paper

  18. The alternative oxidase is encoded in a multigene family in soybean

    Whelan, J., Millar, A. H. & Day, D. A. 1995 In : Planta. 198, none, p. 197-201

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  19. The apparent variability of the Woolwich and Reading beds

    Lehane, B. M., Chapman, T., Paul, T. & Johnson, J. 1995 Proceedings of the XI European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering. Copenhagen: Danish Geotechnical Society, Vol. 8, p. 95-102 8 p.

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewConference paper

  20. The applicability of empirical equations for assessing the retardation of trichloroethene in the Spearwood Sands aquifer

    Benker, E., Davis, G. B. & Barry, D. A. 1995 1995 Spring Meeting. Washington, D.C.: American Geophysical Union, Vol. 76(17), p. S136

    Research output: ResearchConference paper

  21. The bath-plug vortex

    Forbes, L. K. & Hocking, G. C. 1995 In : Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 284, p. 43-62

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  22. The bilingual lexicon: Cognate effects in the absence of priming

    Lalor, E. 1995 30th annual conference of the Australian psychological society. Perth: Australian Psychological Society, Vol. 47, p. 91

    Research output: ResearchConference paper