A Computational Model of Achilles Tendon Adaptive Remodelling

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  • THESIS - MASTER BY RESEARCH - YOUNG Stuart Richard - 2017

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To date there is no basic theoretical framework describing how tendon maintains tissue homeostasis consistent with lhe experimental data, or how tendon adapts to its environmental load conditions.
Based on established biological principles of tendon damage and repair, I develop a dynamic model of tendon homeostasis capable of adaptation. This research shows that for a model soleus musculotendon unit, the model tendon is 'capable' of dynamically adjusting to find an equilibrium tendon geometry, which coincides with minimum metabolic cost of muscle activation. This model presents an exciting first step to understanding the complex process of tendon homeostasis and adaptation In-vivo.
Original languageEnglish
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Award date6 Oct 2017
StateUnpublished - 2017

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