40 crust-mantle evolution of the Western Superior Craton: implications for Archaean granite-greenstone petrogenesis and geodynamics

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New U-Pb, Lu-Hf and O isotopic measurements on Igneous-hosted zircons help unravel the crust-mantle evolution of the Superior Craton, Canada. Uniform isotope time arrays spaning 600 m.y., together with the physiochemical rock record, are reconciled by in-situ Paleoarchaean rifting, Neoarchaean basin closure by subduction and structural repetition during late transpression. The appearance of the sanukitoid suite during transpression reflects the confluence of stiff, thick lithosphere, compression, widespread sedimentation, transport of sedimentary materials to mantle depth and extensive differentiation of derived melts. Therefore, the global late Archaean tonalite-trondjemite-granodiorite to sanukitoid transition marks the establishment of uniformitarian crust formation processes on Earth.
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  • Australian Government Research Training Program
Award date6 Nov 2017
StateUnpublished - 2017

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