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Associate Professor Vincent Wallace

Vincent Wallace
Vincent Wallace

Phone: +61 8 6488 5558

Research Expertise:
  • Medical physics
  • Biomedical optics
  • Photonic
  • Terahertz technology
  • Cancer diagnostics
  • Innovation


MBA W.Aust., PhD Lond.

Current Projects

ARC Discovery Project DP1096514 "Terahertz and optical coherence tomography for improved cancer imaging"

ARC Linkage Project "A new technique for burns assessment"



Funding Received

Current funding:
2016: A/Prof VP Wallace, Prof C Bond. Interrogating protein hydration by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. ARC Linkage Project LP160100325 $270,000, 3 years

2014: Cancer Council WA; Youngberg Women’s Cancer Research Fellowship 2015-2018. $428,000

2014: ARC LIEF LE150100078 An advanced multimodal terahertz spectroscopy and imaging system for WA. A/Prof V P Wallace; Prof C S Bond; Dr K L Swaminatha-Iyer; Prof T G St Pierre; Prof M Martyniuk; Dr G E Poinern; Dr W Withayachumnankul; Dr B M Fischer; Dr D R Appadoo; Prof K C Gordon; Dr R Falconer; Dr P Siegel; Asst Prof E MacPherson, $360,000

2014: A/Prof V Wallace; Asst Prof E MacPherson; Dr A Gibson. ARC Discovery Project,
DP15010063, Theoretical modelling of the interaction of terahertz radiation with biologic tissue, $355,100, 3 yrs.

2013: A/Prof VP Wallace, Prof A. Purushotham, Prof S. Pinder. Development of an Intra-Operative Tool for Tumour Margin Assessment During Surgery. NHMRC Development Grant, 3 yrs, $580,000

2013: A/Prof VP Wallace, Prof Alan Harvey, Prof Livia Hool. Modulation of Neurons with THz light. ARC Discovery Project, 3 yrs, $420,000


Vincent Wallace has over 20 years of experience in Biophotonics. He graduated with a PhD in Medical Physics from the University of London, in 1997. After three years at the Beckman Laser Institute, UC Irvine, he joined Toshiba Research in Cambridge, UK to look at potential medical applications of terahertz radiation. TeraView Ltd, also based in Cambridge, was spun-out of Toshiba Labs in April 2001. At TeraView, Vince led a group looking at medical applications of terahertz. In 2007 he moved to the University of Western Australia where he continues to apply terahertz and other techniques to biomedical and clinical problems.

ID: 151782

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  • Physics in Medicine and Biology

    ISSNs: 0031-9155, 1361-6560

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    Journal: ERA2018

  • Journal of Biomedical Optics

    ISSNs: 1083-3668, 1560-2281

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    Journal: ERA2018

  • Biomedical Optics Express

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    Optical Soc Amer

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    Journal: ERA2018

  • Optics Express

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    Journal: ERA2018

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