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Dr Stephanie Rainey Smith

Stephanie Rainey Smith
Stephanie Rainey Smith
  1. 2018
  2. KIBRA is associated with accelerated cognitive decline and hippocampal atrophy in APOE ϵ4-positive cognitively normal adults with high Aβ-amyloid burden

    Porter, T., Burnham, S. C., Doré, V., Savage, G., Bourgeat, P., Begemann, K., Milicic, L., Ames, D., Bush, A. I., Maruff, P., Masters, C. L., Rowe, C. C., Rainey-Smith, S., Martins, R. N., Groth, D., Verdile, G., Villemagne, V. L. & Laws, S. M. 1 Dec 2018 In : Scientific Reports. 8, 1, 2034

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  3. 2017
  4. A blood-based biomarker panel indicates IL-10 and IL-12/23p40 are jointly associated as predictors of β-amyloid load in an AD cohort

    Pedrini, S. , Gupta, V. B. , Hone, E. , Doecke, J. , O'Bryant, S. , James, I. , Bush, A. I. , Rowe, C. C. , Villemagne, V. L. , Ames, D. , Masters, C. L. , Martins, R. N. , Savage, G. , Wilson, B. , Bourgeat, P. , Fripp, J. , Gibson, S. , Leroux, H. , McBride, S. , Salvado, O. & 92 others Fenech, M., Francois, M., Barnes, M., Baker, J., Barnham, K., Bellingham, S., Bomke, J., Pejoska, S. B., Buckley, R., Cheng, L., Collins, S., Cooke, I., Cyarto, E., Darby, D., Dore, V., El-Sheikh, D., Faux, N., Fowler, C., Harrington, K., Hill, A., Horne, M., Jones, G., Kamer, A., Killeen, N., Korrel, H., Lamb, F., Lautenschlager, N., Lennon, K., Li, Q. X., Lim, Y. Y., Louey, A., Macaulay, L., Mackintosh, L., Maruff, P., McIlroy, A., Nigro, J., Perez, K., Pertile, K., Restrepo, C., Cardoso, B. R., Rembach, A., Roberts, B., Robertson, J., Rumble, R., Ryan, T., Sach, J., Silbert, B., Thai, C., Trounson, B., Volitakis, I., Vovos, M., Ward, L., Watt, A., Williams, R., Woodward, M., Yates, P., Ugarte, F. Y., Zhang, P., Bird, S., Brown, B., Burnham, S., Chatterjee, P., Cox, K., Fernandez, S., Fernando, B., Gardener, S., Laws, S., Lim, F., Lim, L., Tegg, M., Lucas, K., Martins, G., Porter, T., Rainey-Smith, S., Rodrigues, M., Shen, K., Sohrabi, H., Taddei, K., Taddei, T., Tan, S., Verdile, G., Weinborn, M., Farrow, M., Frost, S., Hanson, D., Hor, M., Kanagasingam, Y., Leifert, W., Lockett, L., Riley, M., Saunders, I. & Thomas, P. 1 Dec 2017 In : Scientific Reports. 7, 1, 14057

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  5. Insulin resistance is associated with reductions in specific cognitive domains and increases in CSF tau in cognitively normal adults

    Laws, S. M., Gaskin, S., Woodfield, A., Srikanth, V., Bruce, D., Fraser, P. E., Porter, T., Newsholme, P., Wijesekara, N., Burnham, S., Doré, V., Li, Q. X., Maruff, P., Masters, C. L., Rainey-Smith, S., Rowe, C. C., Salvado, O., Villemagne, V. L., Martins, R. N. & Verdile, G. 1 Dec 2017 In : Scientific Reports. 7, 1, 9766

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  6. Habitual exercise levels are associated with cerebral amyloid load in presymptomatic autosomal dominant Alzheimer's disease

    Brown, B. M. , Sohrabi, H. R. , Taddei, K. , Gardener, S. L. , Rainey-Smith, S. R. , Peiffer, J. J. , Xiong, C. , Fagan, A. M. , Benzinger, T. , Buckles, V. , Erickson, K. I. , Clarnette, R. , Shah, T. , Masters, C. L. , Weiner, M. , Cairns, N. , Rossor, M. , Graff-Radford, N. R. , Salloway, S. , Vöglein, J. & 6 others Laske, C., Noble, J., Schofield, P. R., Bateman, R. J., Morris, J. C. & Martins, R. N. 1 Nov 2017 In : Alzheimer's and Dementia. 13, 11, p. 1197-1206 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  7. BDNF Val66Met in preclinical Alzheimer's disease is associated with short-term changes in episodic memory and hippocampal volume but not serum mBDNF

    Lim, Y. Y., Rainey-Smith, S., Lim, Y., Laws, S. M., Gupta, V., Porter, T., Bourgeat, P., Ames, D., Fowler, C., Salvado, O., Villemagne, V. L., Rowe, C. C., Masters, C. L., Zhou, X. F., Martins, R. N. & Maruff, P. Nov 2017 In : International Psychogeriatrics. 29, 11, p. 1825-1834 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  8. Increased Carbohydrate Intake is Associated with Poorer Performance in Verbal Memory and Attention in an APOE Genotype-Dependent Manner

    Gardener, S. L., Rainey-Smith, S. R., Sohrabi, H. R., Weinborn, M., Verdile, G., Fernando, W. M. A. D. B., Lim, Y. Y., Harrington, K., Burnham, S., Taddei, K., Masters, C. L., Macaulay, S. L., Rowe, C. C., Ames, D., Maruff, P. & Martins, R. N. 3 May 2017 In : Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. 58, 1, p. 193-201 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  9. 2016
  10. 2014
  11. Changes in plasma amyloid beta in a longitudinal study of aging and Alzheimer's disease

    Rembach, A. , Faux, N. G. , Watt, A. D. , Pertile, K. K. , Rumble, R. L. , Trounson, B. O. , Fowler, C. J. , Roberts, B. R. , Perez, K. A. , Li, Q-X. , Laws, S. M. , Taddei, K. , Rainey-Smith, S. , Robertson, J. S. , Vandijck, M. , Vanderstichele, H. , Barnham, K. J. , Ellis, K. A. , Szoeke, C. , Macaulay, L. & 6 others Rowe, C. C., Villemagne, V. L., Ames, D., Martins, R., Bush, A. I. & Masters, C. L. Jan 2014 In : Alzheimer's and Dementia. 10, 1, p. 53-61

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  12. 1

    Personal memory function in mild cognitive impairment and subjective memory complaints: Results from the Australian imaging, biomarkers, and lifestyle (AIBL) study of ageing

    Buckley, R. F., Saling, M. M., Irish, M., Ames, D., Rowe, C. C., Lautenschlager, N. T., Maruff, P., Macaulay, S. L., Martins, R. N., Masters, C. L., Rainey-Smith, S. R., Rembach, A., Savage, G., Szoeke, C., Ellis, K. A. & Australian Imaging Biomarkers Life 2014 In : Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. 40, 3, p. 551-561 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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