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Dr Sergei Pisarevsky

Sergei Pisarevsky
Sergei Pisarevsky
Research Expertise:
  • Paleomagnetism
  • Plate tectonics and paleogeography
  • Precambrian geology

Industrial Relevance

Collaborating with the WA Geological Survey - palaeomagnetism of Neoproterozoic deep drill holes

Current Projects

Global tectonic database and palaeogeographic maps
North Laurentia margin and the position of Siberia in Rodinia
Mesoproterozoic Palaeomagnetism of Southern Sweden
Global Palaeomagnetic Databases

Previous Positions

Before 1999: Senior Research Associate, All-Russian Petroleum Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia


GSA, American Geophysical Union

Funding Received

Research is supported by Tectonics CRS,National Science Foundation (USA), UWA and AAS grants

Future Research

Precambrian palaeogeography, palaeomagnetism, GIS, databases

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

GIS, databases, software development


I came to UWA from the All-Russian Petroleum Institute (VNIGRI) in St.Petersburg, Russia in 1998 as a Gledden Fellow and became a UWA staff member in mid-2002. I have a field experience in Fennoscandia, Siberia, West Australia,East European Platform, Central Asia, Crimea, Caucasus, Arctic islands (Svalbard), North-Eastern Asia,and Kamchatka. My recent work was focused on the Precambrian palaeogeography.Being the project secretary and map compiler for the UNESCO project IGCP 440, I participate in the palaeotectonic map of Rodinia presented in the 32nd IGC in Florence (2004). I am also the administrator of IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy) Global Palaeomagnetic Databases being responsible for regular updating of these databases and their development(see During last few years I carried out several palaeomagnetic studies of Precambrian rocks of Western Australia, Tasmania, Siberia, Sweden, Karelia, Zambia, and Mauritania, including palaeomagnetic studies of Precambrian deep drill holes in Western Australia and Zambia.

ID: 54674

Most frequent journals
  • Precambrian Research

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