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Associate Professor Peta Clode

Peta Clode
Peta Clode

Phone: +61 8 6488 8098

Research Expertise:
  • Biological microscopy, particularly advancement of analytical techniques, including EDS X-ray microanalysis, EFTEM, EELS and SIMS
  • Biomineralisation processes
  • Nutrient and ion transport
  • Coral calcification and symbioses
  • Structure–function relationships in biological tissues
  • Marine biology


GEOS5507 Analytical Techniques for the Geosciences
SCIE5516 Materials Characterisation for Bioengineering Applications
MSCI4006 Advanced Techniques in Molecular Sciences
SEM&M Training Course (CMCA) Co-ordinator
TEM&M Training Course (CMCA)
SEM & TEM Bio-sample Preparation Workshops (CMCA)


BSc PhD La Trobe

Current Projects

Vectors of parasites in Australian wildlife
Nutrient dynamics in the rhizosphere
Ca and P sensitivity in crop and native plants
Salinity tolerance in important crops

Funding Received

DAFF Carbon Farming Futures: Filling the Research Gap, 2013-17: Gleeson et al. Managing biological, physical and chemical constraints to soil carbon storage.

ARC Discovery 2018-21: Swaminatha et al. Establishing nanoscale design principles for nonviral genome engineering.

EuroBioimaging Job Shadowing 2018: Clode

ARC Discovery, 2013-15: Lambers et al. Does calcium toxicity explain the absence of most Proteaceae from calcareous habitats?

ARC LIEF, 2015: Millar et al. High resolution mass spectrometry for metabolomics and proteomics research.

ARC LIEF, 2015: Low et al. A STM/AFM facility for electroactive materials characterisation.

Future Research

Contact me for possible student projects currently available!

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

Various biological systems (plant, animal, microbial)
Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Electron microscopy
Cell and tissue imaging
Biological microanalysis (EDS element analysis)


PhD La Trobe 2002 (APA Scholarship)
Lecturer UWA 2003-2007
Senior Lecturer UWA 2007-2015
Associate Professor UWA 2015 - current

ID: 96445

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    Cambridge University Press

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