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Dr Miriam Munoz-Rojas

Miriam Munoz-Rojas
Miriam Munoz-Rojas


Casual lecturer at Curtin University, Department of Environment and Agriculture.
Climate Change and Adaptations 102
Animal and Plant Physiology 202
Environmental restoration 301

Previous Positions

July 2013- November 2013
Lecturer (Plant Physiology; Climate Change and Adaptations) at the Department of Environment and Agriculture, Curtin University, Western Australia

January 2013-July 2013
Postdoctoral Researcher at MED_Soil Research Group. University of Seville, Spain

May 2010-January 2013
Scientific Project Manager at ICT for Land Evaluation Evenor-Tech, CSIC Spin-Off. Institute for Natural Resources and Agrobiology, Seville, Spain

November 2005- September 2009
Consultant on Rural Development and Sustainabilityat the Agriculture Department. Andalusian Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía), Almería, Spain

May 2004-December 2004
Technical Expert and Consultant at the Quality and Environmental Management Department of Construcciones Temir, S.L, Almería, Spain

September 2003-April 2004
Research Scientist and GIS Technician at the Department of Soil Sciences, University of Almería, Spain


Australian Soil Science Society. Committee member of the WA branch.
Society for Ecological Restoration.
European Geosciences Union. Division on Soil System Sciences. Subdivision on Soil, Environment and Ecosystem Interactions.
Fuegored (Fire Network Association)
MED_Soil Research Group.
IEDRO (International Environmental Data Rescue Organization)
Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative

Funding Received

• Global Innovation Linkages Programme. Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. Eco-engineering solutions to improve mine-site rehabilitation outcomes (2017-2021). ($1,314,652)

• UWA Research Collaboration Award 2016. Connecting above and belowground processes to restore functionality of arid lands: a comparison between Northern and Southern hemisphere ecosystems. ($19,600)

• UWA Research Collaboration Award 2015. Soil water repellence in biodiverse semi-arid environments: new insights and implications for ecological restoration. ($15,000)

• Restoration Seedbank Initiative Partnership between The University of Western Australia, BHP Billiton Iron Ore, and Kings Park and Botanic Garden (2013-2018) ($5,000,000)

• Fungicide resistance management strategy and communications. Grain Research and Development Corporation (2013 -2017) ($400,000)

• Vulnerability Assessment: Climate change effects on soils (2012), Andalusia Government. Environmental Agency ($88,500)

• Research Fellowship Contract Subprogram Torres Quevedo (MICINN-PTQ), Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain (2011-2013) ($96,100)

• Development of a decision tool for assessment of carbon sequestration capacity (2010-2012). Andalusia Government, IDEA Agency ($339,000)

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

Currently, I lead one of the four programs of a large scale project, The Restoration Seedbank Initiative, a major multi-disciplinary partnership with The University of Western Australia (UWA), BHP Billiton Iron Ore, and Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, Australia. This project is focussed on developing the science, knowledge, and technical skills to landscape restoration of biodiverse degraded ecosystems. Through my research program I use an integrative approach to understand the functioning of natural and restored ecosystems, with a special focus on the plant-soil system. Specifically, I combine geo-data acquisition, ecophysiological measurements and analytical techniques with experimental and modelling approaches to explore the functioning of natural and disturbed ecosystems in global change scenarios. With these studies I aim to disentangle the mechanisms behind above- and below-ground ecosystems and how these are interconnected. My research in this area includes the analysis and assessment of ecological indicators related to terrestrial ecosystem processes, in particular those associated to soil functionality, such as biological productivity, nutrient cycling, or physical stability and support for plant growth.


MSc Environmental Sciences, Centre of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing, Wageningen University (The Netherlands)
PhD Natural Resources Management, University of Seville (Spain)

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