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Associate Professor Mikhail Kostylev

Mikhail Kostylev
Mikhail Kostylev

Phone: +61 8 6488 2723


Supervisor to honours and PhD students;
Lecture course “Advanced statistical physics” delivered to Honours and Ph.D. students at UWA
Lecture module “Solitons” delivered to Honours and Ph.D. students at UWA


MSc PhD St. Petersburg

Previous Positions

1984-1987: Graduate Fellow (tenured), Laboratory of Ferrite Films, Research and Development Institute "Domain", Leningrad, USSR
1993 – 2005: Associate Professor (tenured), St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University, St.Petersburg, Russia
2005-2006: ARC International Fellow, The University of Western Australia

New and Noteworthy

Please feel free to contact me for information about potential Honours and PhD research projects. A number of vacation scholarships are also offered each year. International students from Indonesia and China wishing to pursue a Master Degree by Research or a PhD study with our group may consider applying for an ADS (Indonesia) or an UWA-China scholarship respectively.

Funding Received

Research funding since appointment at UWA in 2005:
1. Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) scheme: J. M. Dell, M. Martyniuk, R.C. Woodward, M. Kostylev, C. Jagadish, J.Z.Wang, Y.Liu, R.D.Jeffery, K.K.Konstantinov, “National facility for biased target deposition of alloyed nanolayers” 2011, $360,000,
2. Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project: M. Kostylev (first-named chief investigator), R.Bali, S.N.Samarin, R.L.Stamps, S.O.Demokritov (overseas partner-investigator, “OPI”), G.Carlotti, A.O. Adeyeye, O.Serha, “Complex magnetic structures for microwave, logic and memory applications”, 2011-2014, $680,000,
3. Australian-Indian Strategic Research Fund (AISRF): R.L. Stamps, M. Kostylev, S. Pradesh, N. Venkataramani, R.P.R.C. Aiar, “The study of microwave losses in ferrite thin films for meta materials applications”, 2010-2012, $232,000
4. Australian Research Council Discovery: M. Kostylev and G. A. Melkov, “Composite magnetic conducting nanomaterials for microwave applications”, 2010-2012, $325,000
5. Australian Research Council Discovery: R.L. Stamps, K. Chew, M. Kostylev, A.O. Adeyeye, and O. Serha “Magnetic and electric field tuneable magnetic heterostructures”, 2008-2010, AU$415,000
6. University of Western Australia: M. Kostylev “Magnonic crystals for applications in fast magnetic logic, microwave signal processing and left-handed materials”, 2008, $18,500
7. Australian Research Council Linkage International: R.L.Stamps, and M.Kostylev, “Investigation of spin excitations in ferromagnetic submicro-and nanostructures”, 2005-2006 $91,000,

Total from all sources in 2005-2011: $2,121,500

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

Leader of Magnetisation Dynamics and Spintronics research group

Expertise: magnetism, electromagnetism, magnetic dynamics and nonlinear waves

ID: 126278

Most frequent journals
  • Physical Review B

    ISSNs: 1098-0121, 1550-235X, 2469-9950, 2469-9969, 0163-1829

    American Physical Society

    Scopus rating (2017): SJR 1.604 SNIP 1.04

    Journal: ERA2018

  • J. Applied Physics

    ISSNs: 0021-8979, 1089-7550

    American Institute of Physics

    Scopus rating (2017): SJR 0.739 SNIP 0.953

    Journal: ERA2018


    ISSNs: 0003-6951, 1077-3118

    American Institute of Physics

    Scopus rating (2017): SJR 1.382 SNIP 1.167

    Journal: ERA2018

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Transactions on Magnetics

    ISSNs: 0018-9464, 1941-0069

    IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

    Scopus rating (2017): SJR 0.488 SNIP 1.039

    Journal: ERA2018

  • Physical Review Letters

    ISSNs: 0031-9007, 1079-7114, 1092-0145

    American Physical Society

    Scopus rating (2017): SJR 3.622 SNIP 2.464

    Journal: ERA2018

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