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Professor Martin Barbetti

Martin Barbetti
Martin Barbetti

Phone: +61 8 6488 3924

Research Expertise:
  • Host-pathogen interactions
  • Pathogen sub-specific variation
  • Host disease resistance
  • Epidemiology of fungal pathogens
  • Disease aetiology
  • Mycology
  • Plant pathology
  • Mycotoxins


Teaching and training of undergraduate and post graduate students at the University of Western Australia in mycology, plant pathology, and pest management methods

Industrial Relevance

High relevance to management of diseases important to agricultural industries in Australia


MSc(Agric) DSc(Agric) W.Aust., GradCertBusAdmin NSW

Current Projects

ACIAR (CS1/1999/072) - Oilseed Brassica improvement in China, India and Australia;
GRDC and University of Melbourne - Strategies to ensure longevity of blackleg disease resistance genes in canola.

Previous Positions

Principal Plant Pathologist, Department of Agriculture Western Australia until end of 2003

New and Noteworthy

Joined UWA in January 2004


Australasian Plant Pathology Society;
Technical Expert, Oilseeds Committee of the Australian Crop Accreditation Scheme (ACAS);
Member, F.A.O. European Co-operative Research Network on Pastures and Fodder Crops;
Executive of “Oilseeds WA”;
Association for Research between Italy and Australia (ARIA)

Funding Received

New appointee to the University of Western Australia in 2004

Future Research

Plant Pathology and Mycology of agricultural and horticultural crops

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

30 years of experience with disease epidemiology and aetiology and experimentation in plant-fungal interactions to identify host resistance to a wide range of diseases of oilseed Brassica, pasture legume and pulse crops.


Strong research skills in mycology/fungal taxonomy and in plant pathology. Investigated and published on a wide range of fungal diseases of oilseed Brassica, pasture legume, pulse and cereal crops and experience with the diagnosis of a very wide range of fungal taxa that contain important fungal soilborne and foliar pathogens of pastures, field and horticulture crops in Australia. Investigated and published on the causes of many previously undiagnosed root and foliar disorders of pastures and field crops in Australia, involving extensive taxonomic studies.

ID: 57829

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  • Plant Disease

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    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1573-8469


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