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Emeritus Professor Lynette Abbott

Lynette Abbott
Lynette Abbott

Phone: +61 8 6488 5551

Research Expertise:
  • Indicators of sustainability
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Microbial activity and nutrient cycling in rehabilitated soils
  • Microbial ecology
  • Mycorrhizal associations
  • Plant nutrition and soil fertility
  • Rhizobial ecology
  • Soil biology
  • Soil microbial ecology


Research in Soil Biology is a major activity within the School of Earth and Environment at The University of Western Australia. Our emphasis is on understanding the activities of a wide range of soil organisms in the context of their contribution to important soil processes. We are interested in soil organisms and their roles in natural ecosystems as well as in agriculture/horticulture and disturbed environments such as minesites.

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

Current Position:
Emeritus Professor
Senior Honorary Research Fellow

Previous positions include:
Deputy Director, UWA Institute of Agriculture (2014)
Vice Dean, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
Head, School of Earth and Environment
Winthrop Professor, School of Earth and Environment


BSc Syd., PhD Monash, FAIAST

Industrial Relevance

Land management in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, minesite restoration; soil health; soil fertility; organic agriculture


AGRI5504 Organic Agriculture (Masters level unit)

ID: 16114

Most frequent journals
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    Scopus rating (2015): SJR 1.314 SNIP 1.123


  • Plant and Soil

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    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1573-5036


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