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Professor Lawrence Abraham

Lawrence Abraham
Lawrence Abraham

Phone: +61 8 9224 0353

Research Expertise:
  • Animal cell culture
  • Immunogenetics
  • Molecular biology
  • Molecular cell biology
  • Molecular genetics
  • Oncology
  • Proteome analysis
  • Transcriptional regulation


Professor Lawrie Abraham
Winthrop Professor
Molecular Genetics
Professor Lawrence Abraham completed his Bachelor of Science with 1st class Honours at Griffith University in Brisbane. He then studied for his PhD at Murdoch University, in Perth, and Monash University, in Melbourne. Prof Abraham undertook post doctoral research at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego before being awarded a Senior Research Fellowship at Royal Perth Hospital in Clinical Immunology. In 1994 he moved to the University of Western Australia as a lecturer. Prof Abraham is also an Adjunct member of the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

Techniques and Expertise

Molecular biology: DNA & RNA purification, DNA cloning, library screening, Southern, Northern and Western blotting, site-directed mutagenesis, DNase I footprinting, electrophoretic mobility shift assays, in situ hybridisation, Chromatin Immunoprecipation, Chromatin mapping by nuclease digestion, DNA sequencing, quantitative PCR, yeast one-hybrid system.

Cell biology: Tissue culture, Transient transfections, luciferase assays, immunocytochemistry, flow cytometry, FACS.

Biochemistry: Protein purification, gel filtration, affinity purification (glutathione/DNA), peptide mass fingerprinting, SDS-PAGE.

Molecular Genetics: Regulatory SNP detection, Microsatellite typing, Allele-specific DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, genome analysis, touch-down PCR, genetic association & linkage analysis, 2D - Proteomics.

Funding Received

National Health & Medical Research Council
Cancer Council, Australia
Australian Heart Foundation
National Institutes of Health (USA)
Medical & Health Research Infrastructure Fund


Australian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
International Cytokine Society
Australasian Society for Immunology

Current Projects


Dr Eric Moses, Centre for Genetic Origins of Health and Disease, UWA
Dr John Blangero, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, San Antonio
Dr Daniela Ulgiati, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UWA


BSc Griff., PhD Murd.


GENE2204 Principles of Genetics (Unit Co-ordinator)
GENE3330 Molecular Genetics and Genomics
GENE2230 Molecular Genetics
SCIE2225 Molecular Biology
SCIE3325 Molecular Biology
BIOC3351 Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
BIOC3352 Cellular and Metabolic Biochemistry

Professor Abraham also supervises the following students:
Desire Ho (PhD) CD30 gene regulation in anaplastic large cell lymphoma
Hui Min Cheah (Hons) SNP variation in heart disease
Luke Diepeveen (Hons) SNP variation in cysitnosis
Denise Schutze (MSc exchange student) CD30 signaling in cancer

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