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Associate Professor Gillian Yeo

Gillian Yeo
Gillian Yeo

Phone: +61 8 6488 1875

Research Expertise:
  • Emotions
  • Job performance
  • Motivation
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Personnel training


Introduction to Human Resource Management (postgraduate)

Human Resource Management: Managing Jobs, Performanc and Wellbeing (undergraduate)


BA PhD Qld

Current Projects

<strong>Industrial Relevance</strong>

Gillian is currently conducting two large Australian Research Council Discovery projects. The first aims to enhance understanding regarding the types of goals that individuals bring to learning contexts. The project will examine the way in which these goals change with task practice, and how and why they relate to task performance at different time points. These aims have significant theoretical implications because we argue that the extent to which any given goal is effective versus ineffective depends on the stage of practice. The project also has important practical implications because the knowledge derived from this research will inform trainers’ decisions about what types of goal-setting interventions to apply and when to apply them in order to accelerate learning.

The second one aims to enhance understanding regarding the dynamic process of motivation that unfolds within individuals. The project will provide benefits for society, both in terms of its contribution to scientific knowledge and understanding, and potential applications for end users. The question of how people prioritise tasks, set goals, and apply effort is of fundamental importance for understanding human behaviour. Society benefits from basic research into this question, because it allows us to understand the sources of (and limits to) human resilience. The results have wide application in military, industrial and commercial settings. Examples include the development of tools for training people more effectively, managing their workload, and improving their performance.

<strong>Links with Industry</strong>

Royal Brisbane Hospital
Defence Research and Development Canada
Defence Science and Technology Organisation

<strong>Collaborations with Other Institutions</strong>

University of Queensland, Australia
University of London, UK
De La Salle University, Phillippines
Dayton University, USA

Previous Positions

2006-2008, Lecturer in Organisational Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Queensland

2004-2005, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Psychology, University of Queensland


Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychologists (SIOP)

Funding Received

2010: UWA Business School Research Development Award. Yeo, Day & Griffin. Managing Safety vs Productivity in Safety Critical Contexts ($15,860)

2009: University of Western Australia Research Collaboration Award ($8,000)

2009-2011: ARC Discovery Grant. Yeo, Loft & Smillie. Goal orientations, self-regulation and performance: Implications for accelerating learning via goal-setting interventions. ($139,000)
2008-2010: ARC Discovery Grant. Neal, Yeo & Kwantes. Developing and testing a dynamic model of the proximal and distal motivational processes responsible for the regulation of task-directed effort. ($336,000)
2007: University of Qld Early Career Researcher Grant ($17,000)
2006: University of Qld New Staff Start-Up Grant ($12,000)
2005: Research grant from Department of Industrial Relations, Qld Government ($20,859)
2005: Consulting grant from Department of Industrial Relations, Qld Government ($29,223)
2005: Consulting grants from a variety of Queensland government agencies ($6254.50)

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

Contributing Editor, Journal of Applied Psychology
Contributing Editor, Personnel Psychology


Gillian Yeo is currently Associate Professor (Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour) at the UWA Business School. She completed her PhD in 2003 at the School of Psychology, University of Queensland. She then spent two years as a postdoctoral research fellow and three years as a Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at the University of Queensland before moving to UWA. Her research concerns relationships among individual differences, situational factors and performance over time and across levels of analysis. She conducts this research in the laboratory (examining the factors that influence skill acquisition) and in the field (primarily relating to personnel training).

ID: 163521

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