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Ms Frances Hoyle

Frances Hoyle
Frances Hoyle

Phone: +61 8 6488 7889

Industrial Relevance

Identifying and understanding soil constraints to grain production.
Communication of research to growers.

Current Projects

Royalties for Regions

Previous Positions

- Senior Research Scientist (Department of Agriculture Western Australia) 2001-2015. Various research projects.
- Western Panel Member Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) 2008-2011
- Knowledge Broker (Land & Water Australia) 2007-2008 secondment


Australian Soil Science Society

Funding Received

DAFF Funding Research Gaps Round 1 (2012-2015)
DAFF Action on the Ground Round 1 (2012-2015)
GRDC Soil organic matter extension (2012-2015)
GRDC Soil quality (2003-2006)
GRDC Green manures (2000-2003)

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

Director SoilsWest Alliance
- Develop forum for cross industry network and partnership in soil research created by facilitating networking and communication opportunities between soil scientists and partners to ensure better soil water management and conversion into grain.
- Create and support investment opportunities in grains R&D capacity and partnerships to increase value of knowledge and information delivery to growers.
- Create network to connect research from the micro-scale work through to the paddock, increasing its relevance and value to growers and industry.
- Provide integration opportunities in soil research to achieve efficient allocation of resources and value added delivery.
- Create opportunities for Western Australia to attract a greater proportion of new industry funding into relevant soil research.


- BSc (Science)
- MSc (Agriculture)
- PhD (Soil Biology)
Active research and communication in soil biology and organic matter management within the grains industry. Functional assessment of soil process rates and changes in carbon fractions, including their influence on agronomic responses in grains.
Past research in wheat agronomy and physiological development - in particular the development of specific grade agronomic packages and mechanisms responsible for the incidence of black point.

ID: 103746

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