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Dr Evgeny Buchbinder

Evgeny Buchbinder
Evgeny Buchbinder

Phone: +61 8 6488 4224


Differential Geometry (for physicists)


PhD Penn.

Previous Positions

Member, School of Natural Science, The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton NJ USA (2003-20006)

Postdoctoral Researcher, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo ON Canada (2006-2009)

Postdoctoral Researcher, Imperial College London UK (2009-2012)


Australian Mathematical Society


I received by Bachelor degree and my Master degree at Tomsk State University in Russia and my Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia. Then I held research positions at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and Imperial College London. In 2012 I joined academic staff at UWA as an Associate Professor/Future Fellow.

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