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Dr Djurre Holtrop

Djurre Holtrop
Djurre Holtrop

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Scouts UWA Research project:

Previous Positions

PhD student at VU Amsterdam University, dep. of Social and Organizational psychology
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Marise Ph. Born, Prof. dr. Reinout de Vries and dr. Remko van den Berg
Title: Improving personality and interest measurement for purposes of selection and assessment in a multiethnic population.
The first part of the project focused on using situational description in personality inventories and how such modifications may influence responses of cultural groups. The second part of the project focused on the relation between vocational interest, personality and prestige. The project financially supported by the NOA foundation. Successfully defended 17 May 2016.

Consultant, psychologist and test developer at NOA (assessment company and online test distributer)
Main activities: Leading large scale assessment projects, advising clients on selection matters, developing tests, studying and reporting the effectiveness of selection and coaching interventions, sales, and training.

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, School of Psychology.

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Marylene Gagné and dr. Patrick Dunlop

Postdoctoral position to study strategies for volunteer retention and attraction. Tasks are data collection/analyses, liaising with partner organizations, student supervision and teaching an I&O Psychology course.

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