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Dr Debbie Palmer

Debbie Palmer
Debbie Palmer

Phone: +61 410 851 607


Current supervision of 2 PhD students, who are due to complete in 2015.

Current Projects

QuEST Trial: optimal exposure of egg protein through breast milk to infants during lactation STEP Trial: optimal timing of egg introduction into the solid food diet of infants
VITAL trial: vitamin D supplementation to infants.

Previous Positions

Senior Dietitian at the Women's and Children's Hospital in South Australia.
Post-doctoral fellow at the Women’s and Children’s Health Research Institute in South Australia.


Member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) and is an Accrediated Practicing Dietitian.
Associate member of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy Inc (ASCIA).

Funding Received

Chief Investigator on 12 grants worth $4,980,788.
4 grants as Lead Chief Investigator (CIA), as well as being a Chief Investigator on 7 additional grants, including 3 NHMRC project grants (ID 626805, 1027710 and 1046036).

Future Research

Extend our research scope to investigate the influence of nutrition in early life on other health outcomes.

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

Head of Childhood Allergy and Immunology Research.
Expertise in nutrition, allergic disease and clinical trials, in particular the design and conducting of intervention studies during pregnancy, lactation and infancy, including 7 randomised controlled trials specifically in the area of nutritional strategies for the prevention of allergic disease.


Dr Debbie Palmer (BSc, BND, PhD) is head of the Childhood Allergy and Immunology Research Team at the University of Western Australia. She is one of a few dietitians worldwide undertaking research in the area of nutritional strategies for allergy prevention. After ten years of clinical paediatric dietetic experience and specialising in the area of food allergy, Debbie commenced her research career. Her current research activities include conducting randomised controlled trials focusing on nutritional interventions for the prevention of allergic disease.

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