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A huge range of modern technologies, from GPS to radio-telescopes, rely on the transmission of high-precision time and frequency signals. Over long transmission distances, these signals pick up disturbances that reduce their precision, and so reduce the capabilities of the technologies that depend on them. By developing tools and techniques to overcome this signal degradation, my research will support and enable the next generation of high-precision scientific and industrial instrumentation.

In particular, my research focuses on the application of these technologies to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (ACES) projects. This work will enable the SKA to disseminate frequency references to each of the hundreds of SKA antenna sites at a far lower cost than the standard approach of installing an atomic clock at each antenna site, which would be necessary if suitable signal stabilization technologies cannot be developed. My research will also allow signals generated by atomic clocks at UWA to be transmitted to the Western Australia Space Centre, where they will be compared to atomic clocks on the International Space Station, enabling an improvement in the fundamental and applied science objectives of ACES.

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